JSON Splitter with dynamic JSON Path

Is it possible to allow a dynamic path for the JSON Splitter?

My use case is this: I’m calling an API that returns results in this format:


I want to be able to dynamically sub in an object name that is defined as a pipeline property to enable creating a single reusable pipeline vs having one pipeline per object.

So instead of a JSON Path of this:


It can be something like this:

“entity.rsp.result.” + _objectName + “[*]”

You can reference a property name in square brackets (e.g. ['foo']). To use an expression inside of the square brackets, you need to surround it with parentheses. So, the following should do what you want:


Thanks that solves it for me!

Hi tStack,

It will be great if you give any idea/solution for my scenario below,


I want to split the all array object data using single JSON splitter, basically I need to flatten the all array object.

Note: : The input for json splitter is dynamic, meaning we may get array object one or more.
Here we got the array object for amount, compensation_plan, frequency ,start_date.

In another input we may get in amount_prior_value as array object.

Hope you got my scenario. If not please let me know will explain more details. Kindly let me know on your inputs on this. thanks in advance.