Limit results to 1 record on Salesforce Lookup Snap

We are using a Salesforce Lookup snap to return Account record Id’s based on a bunch of conditions. At the moment, if there are duplicate records in Salesforce, SnapLogic returns more than 1 id. We’d like to limit that to just 1, the first returned result.

Returning more than 1 result causes the creation of additional documents and problems further downstream.

Hi @NAl

You can switch from Salesforce Lookup Snap to Salesforce Read Snap where you can specify the number of rows to be returned from Salesforce, in Limit Clause field:

Also, all the conditions that you have in Lookup Snap you can put in the Where Clause field of the Salesforce Read Snap, so you will get identical results.

If you don’t want to switch the Lookup Snap, then another solution can be to Group the returned records from Salesforce, in SnapLogic(based on the duplicate columns) and then to pick the first record from each group.

Spiro Taleski

Hi Spiro,
That’s brilliant thank you. I had tried to tackle this by using the Group by N snap but it was definitely a longer workaround. I do have another question, the Where Clause in the Salesforce Read snap doesn’t seem to accept a multi query clause. I’ve tried using the following operators but the query fails


If I split the clause up, the snap responds and works with each one but combined it doesn’t seem to return the necessary id’s.


I assume that the Salesforce Read Snap support all the SOQL operators. You can refer to the Salesforce SOQL documentation in order to check what operators are supported.

Can you please share the conditions that you currently have in Salesforce Lookup Snap, that you want to replace in Read Snap?

Spiro Taleski

1st condition: “Name = '” + $client + “’”
2nd condition: "Custom_Field__c = FALSE "


"Name = '" + $client + "' AND Custom_Field__c = FALSE"

Spiro Taleski

Blimey that worked. I had the quotation marks in the wrong place.
Thanks ever so much

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