Loading data from multiple CSV files into two Oracle tables

Contributed by @smudassir

This pipeline pattern reads multiple CSV files containing student grades, parses these CSV files into CSV records and inserts these records into two Oracle tables separating the passed and failed grades, including timestamp.

The pipeline pattern can be configured to meet similar use cases for other industries. For example, sales and marketing can use this pipeline pattern to segment their opportunities, hot/cold leads, loyal customers for targeted sales and marketing campaigns.

Source: CSV files uploaded to the SnapLogic Database
Target: Oracle Database Thin Connection
Snaps Used: Multi-file Reader, CSV Parser, Mapper, Router, Oracle Insert


Load Students Marks from Multiple Files into Two Oracle Tables based on Passed or Failed_2018_06_28.slp (10.6 KB)

Sample files for used with this pipeline. Unzip the files and upload them to your project.
CSV Files.zip (2.7 KB)