Looking for an expression to tie many to one

I would like to transform data as shown below. The idea is that M and W are associated with 8:00 start and 9:15 end (M,W=8:00-9:15). Tuesday and Thursday are associated with 14:45. M and W are currently separated by a comma, So are T and TH. M,W are separated from TU and TH by a ;

Current Structure > Desired Structure
“MEETING_START_TIMES”: “08:00;14:45”, >> "08:00
“MEETING_END_TIMES”: “09:15;16:00”, >> 09:15;09:15;16:00;16:00

So, comma values are grouped semi colon separated values are not.
I’m not sure I’m explaining this well, but hoping there is an approach that can help with this.

Hi @acesario

I upploaded a pipeline with JSON Generator and Mapper with expressions for the desired transformation. Please check if the data stream is correct.

Structure_Transformations_2021_02_13.slp (3.9 KB)


Bojan Velevski


Excellent, and thanks for the great example of using split and join!

Hi @bojanvelevski,

Thank you for solving this.

We got a small issue with the solution, as the Meeting days are not always two days, we need to associate start times and end times based on the number of days instead of only two times. For example the scenario will be as below

“MEETING_START_TIMES”: “08:00;14:45;13:00”, >> "08:00;08:00;14:45;14:45;13:00;13:00;13:00”,
“MEETING_END_TIMES”: “09:15;16:00;14:00”, >> “09:15;09:15;16:00;16:00;14:00;14:00:14:00”

Hi @pvanteru,

Here’s an update that will take as many days, and as many ‘;’ separated batches you want. There is a sample in the pipeline that generates that kind of scenario. Please notify me if any updates are needed.

Structure_Transformations_V2_2021_02_16.slp (4.0 KB)

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Thank you, this is working perfectly :slight_smile: