Lookup Values in Snaplogic


I have a requirement in Snaplogic, from source I am getting country codes and in target i need to get complete country name. One way i can achieve this is by using database but client doesnot have any database Access which can be used.

Source value – UK
Target value need to be retrieved – United Kingdom.

I all other Integration tools this can be achieved using lookup values. But in Snaplogic we are stuck with the solution. Any Suggestions greatly helps us.


Have you looked at the Conditional Snap?



If you can get the country code to name mapping into a JSON file, you can import that file into the pipeline as an expression library. Then, in a Mapper snap you can access the library to do the lookup.

So, first you would put the country mappings in a file called countryCodes.expr in SLFS. That file would contain a JSON object where the keys were the codes and the values were the name. It would look something like the following:

    "CL": "Chile",
    "CM": "Cameroon",
    "CN": "China"

You can then use the following expression in the Mapper snap to do the lookup:


In that expression, the lib variable is used to access expression libraries and countryCodes is the name of the library file to access. The [$country_code] part is used to lookup the code, like “CN”, in the object to get the country name.