Looping through Api call

Hi We have a requirement where, If we do an api call , we get response something like below
records_remaining : “200”,
records_processed: “100”,
failed: “0”
“entity”: [
"rec1: “abc”,

Pagination does not support by Api . we need to wait for 10 sec for every api call until we get records_remaining is 0

for example https:abc.com/8080/getfullload?batch=50 -----> wait for 10 sec and do the same call until we get records remainining to 0
@bojanvelevski Any best way we can achieve this? please help!

Hi @sravan,

Even though the API does not support pagination, I think we can leverage of the pagination option in the Rest Get snap. There is a Pagination Interval option, which basically means “Wait for X seconds before doing the next request”.

The logic would be something like:

HasNext: parseInt($records_remaining) > 0
NextURL: https:abc.com/8080/getfullload?batch=50

Let me know if this helps,



Thanks @bojanvelevski you are a Savior. It works!

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