Map Values into an Array

I have a document that contains several records with key/value pairs.

{“DOB_Date”: “1960-07-04”, “First_Name”: “Bobby”, “ID”: “99999”, “Last_Name”: “Fischer”},
{“DOB_Date”: “1970-08-24”, “First_Name”: “Wade”, “ID”: “99988”, “Last_Name”: “Boggs”}.
{“DOB_Date”: “2005-04-27”, “First_Name”: “Billie Jean”, “ID”": “88888”, “Last_Name”: “King”}

I want to create an array that contains only the values, so it looks like this:

dataValues: {[“1960-07-04”, “Bobby”, "99999”, “Fischer”]},
dataValues: {[“1970-08-24”, “Wade”, “ID”: “99988”, “Boggs”]}.
dataValues: {[“2005-04-27”, “Billie Jean”, “88888”, “King”]}

How can I do this? I’m stumped.


I am attaching one simple pipe, so hopefully you will find helpful:

test_2022_11_23.slp (3.7 KB)

Spiro Taleski

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OMGosh! So simple, yet impactful. Exactly what I was looking for. I really was overcomplicating it by using map functions and callbacks. Thank you so much!

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