Mapper help required

Hi team,

How can I dynamically generate the mapper output. scenario is

Name id email
yash 1 Y
suresh 2

in above example email id null for id 2 so I need to create key value accordingly to send to rest api post
for 1st row
{“Name” : “yash”,
“id” : “1” ,
“email” : “Y” }
for 2nd row output shld be

{“Name” : “yash”,
“id” : “1” }

pls help if not in mapper than in which component i can accomplish this

please check the pipeline.
mapper use_2020_10_14.slp (5.9 KB)

Thanks but this is not what I required. If my input has 2 records I should always get output as 2 only. only difference between first and second row is what i mentioned in my original query

Hope This will help you.
Out put :
[{“id”:“1”,“Name”:“Yash”,“email”:“Y”},{“id”:“1”,“Name”:“Yash”}]mapper use_2020_10_14.slp (9.9 KB)

In your pipeline you are copying only the one record of yash twice where as suresh is missing…

Add the below expression in the mapper

.hasPath('email') ? : $.extend({ ‘email’: ‘’ })

mapper use_2020_10_16.slp (4.8 KB)

is this your final out out ?

[{“id”:“1”,“Name”:“Yash”,“email”:“Y”},{“id”:“1”,“Name”:“Yash”},{“id”:“2”,“Name”:"suresh "}]