Marketing Cloud - SOAP Execute - 2500 Max - More Data Available

I have a pipeline where I am using the SOAP Execute snap and pulling Click Event data from Marketing Cloud. I am able to pull the initial 2500 row max but not able to figure out how to resend the RequestID when OverAllStatus = ‘MoreDataAvailable’. I have tried ways using the ‘Success Condition’ within the SOAP Execute Snap and have tried some of the Ruby and Python examples with the Script Snap. According to Marketing Cloud, I have to use SOAP to access this endpoint.
Does anyone have any ideas for this? Below is a screenshot of my pipeline and my SOAP Execute configuration with my last failed attempt to utilize the ‘Success Condition’:

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You will want to use 3 pipelines which allows you to condition on the output then call the secondary pipeline and perform similar logic in the secondary pipeline to the third pipeline. Lastly, have the third pipeline to call the secondary pipeline (recursive) till the end.

1 > 2 > 3 > 2 > 3 > … END

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Your suggestion worked out great. Just finalizing my setup then will supply screenshots to this post. Thank you,

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