Marketo Bulk leads file download in chunks

I would like to split the Marketo download file size in batches. How do we iterate through the loop untill the file is complete

Can anyone have any inputs untill the full download is complete?


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check this one out …

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Thanks MM

But the file is not returning the status once the complete download is complete. I provided the file end point range from 1400 t0 1405… still it takes from 1400 to 1404.

It’s always shows the partial download file complete

Were you able to get the filesize of the exportid that you are trying to download?

Here’s the api to get the filesize you are trying to download

Base from the file size you can then use Range as part of the GET request header in a multipart request or single request

Multipart request

or do an array of request

use “range” as this is a request header, I think “content-range” is a response header

Multipart request is not working. Could you please help here. Screenshot attached.

Hi @Prasa,

Good day, I’m not sure how your marketo api is setup but here’s a quick reference regarding ranges