Migration form one org to another using SL Migration Pipelines

Hi All,

I’m trying to automate the process of migrating a pipeline, task and account to one org to other org using the SL out of the box-Migration Pipelines. The issue I’m facing here is, when the migration is done from one org to other, I’ve to explicitly give the account reference for each of the pipelines where the account has been mentioned. Is there any way to automate this too? or are there any SL API available? please help :slight_smile:

Are you migrating the assets separately or as a project?
If separately, I believe the order matters, as in migrate the accounts before the pipelines so the rules described in https://docs-snaplogic.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SD/pages/1438194/How+to+Import+a+Pipeline can be followed.

Hi Diane,

Right now I’m trying to migrate the entire project which includes Accounts, Tasks, Pipeline assets from one org to another. For this purpose I’m using out of the box- Migration pipeline Provided by Snaplogic:

FYI: 1) Capture

01 Main-Migrate Project: Is the Parent Pipeline and the Rest are the child.

Also While Migrating project using this “01 Main- Migrate Project” Pipeline, accounts are migrated first, then the pipelines and lastly the tasks. Hence it is in accordance with what you suggested, still the problem of manually referencing accounts and snaplex persists.

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