Millisecond values upto 6 digit in result

In Mysql database,one of timestamp column contain value as ‘2019-02-01 11:20:46.578496Z’ but when we query from snaplogic it shows only first 3 digit of millisecond ‘2019-0-24 11:20:08.578 UTC’


Can any one help me how can i get entire 6 digit millisecond information?

Is this just in the preview of the data or in the actual output?

Unfortunately, the internal type used for date-times can only represent millisecond granularity, it isn’t able to hold a microsecond value.

WHen you read from MySQL you you could an execute statement, reading the column out and translating it into a string (CAST as CHAR). This would then let you carry the higher resolution of milliseconds downstream, the disadvantage being you would no longer deal with it as a timestamp.