Missing NetSuite Object: Customer-Subsidiary Relationship

Hi Team,

I am using token-based authentication and trying to use ‘NetSuite Upsert’ snap to Upsert an object called ‘Customer-Subsidiary Relationship’.

As per the NetSuite Upsert documentation(SnapLogic Documentation), the object in question is available in the supported list of objects (version 2019.2)

This NetSuite object is missing from the dropdown list


Kindly look into this or advise next course of action.

Yes, you’re correct. Please create a ticket with support@snaplogic.com to address this.


For others who are in the same boat, this is the response from the SnapLogic support team.

The list provided in the documentation is for reference purposes and only the major objects are supported and not all objects, therefore I will raise an enhancement. I will submit the enhancement request on your behalf for this feature to be considered to be included into a future release.