Money formatting

I am multiplying a salary field by 100. Any salary with a decimal point is still showing the decimal afterwards even tho in the mapper snap, it looks correct. Here is my code in mapper snap: ($RATE_1*100).
It is showing correctly in mapper snap but when it shows after the fixed format operation, it has the decimal.

Here is the final output:

I tried to use the autoprep but the format i need did not show. Can you point me to some doc on this kind of formatting expression?


If you already did your calculation you can try with: parseInt($RATE_1*100).
Also check Math functions and properties.

Check following links:
Global Functions and Properties
Math Functions and Properties
Number Functions and Properties

Pero M.

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in autoprep i used the integer format. then in mapper i used your parseInt($RATE_1*100) and it worked just like it should. Thank you.