Move Files from NetSuite File Cabinet

We have a requirement to move all documents from NetSuite File Cabinet to an SFTP location. Any suggestions how to do this?

File Operation snap is not supporting HTTPS protocol and we couldn’t find any other URLs to access the NetSuite files.

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For querying files from the NetSuite File Cabinet you can try with NetSuite Search Snap and NetSuite Get Snap.
Using the NetSuite Search Snap you can list all the files within a specific folder by providing the internal id of that folder in the upstream Mapper Snap.

The NetSuite Search Snap will return all the files(including the internal Id’s of that files) within the specified folder.

Then, in order to get the content of each file, you can use the NetSuite Get Snap by providing the returned file internal id’s and “file” for search type in the upstream Mapper Snap.

This operation will gives you details for each file/document(file name, file type, content etc.)

Hope this helps!

Spiro Taleski

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Thank you @Spiro_Taleski.