Move Salesforce Opportunity to NetSuite Sales Order

Created by @dshen

This pipeline pattern will take a closed Salesforce opportunity and create a Sales Order in NetSuite, and then update Salesforce with the NetSuite ID.


  • The pipeline will take a closed Salesforce opportunity ID as the pipeline parameter.
  • The pipeline will assume the Salesforce product and NetSuite item has been synchronized, and the NetSuite item internal ID is stored in each Salesforce product.
  • The pipeline will create a new NetSuite customer if the Salesforce Opportunity Account is not already created.
  • The pipeline will create the NetSuite Sales Order based on the approved Opportunity Quote.
  • Each Salesforce Quote Line Item will create a NetSuite SalesOrder Line Item.

Sources: Salesforce Opportunity, Account, Quote, Quote Line Items
Targets: NetSuite Customer, Sales Order
Snaps used: Salesforce SOQL, NetSuite Create, Salesforce Update, Mapper, Router, Join, Group By Fields, JSON Splitter


SFDC Opportunity to NS SalesOrder.slp (36.8 KB)