Multiple XML records to individual web service calls

Hi All,

I’m currently building a pipeline that will receive a timesheet data (XML) and then transform each record to an individual xml that will then be used for create timesheet web service calls.

I am able to process until the XML generator but stuck after that part.

This is currently how the pipeline looks and transformed up until the web service call. Unfortunately the web service credentials are not yet available so I can’t test it yet.

My question is, is the SOAP Execute configurable to be called as many times as the records from the input/snap before it? Or do I need to split the records to become individual documents and then pass it on to the SOAP snap?

Appreciate your insights on how to go about this.


I belive you need to split it so that each document will be treated as individual requests.

based on your screenshot. You already have those XML in individual documents, since it is already have it’s own row when you look at it in “Table” view. It will execute the SOAP per each row of document you have from the input by default. In another word, it should work just like how you wanted it.

Thanks for the reply. Yes I was able to confirm that each document was sent as an individual request.