Need help with XML data extraction/XML parser

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to extract data from a specific xml tags for that I have used XML parser and split field in the snap but for some reason it’s not resulting in any output.
I have followed the documentation on the site - SnapLogic Documentation but no help.

XML tags I am after are –

And also <d:Name>,<d:ServerRelativeUrl>

Please find attached the
XML parser test_2020_07_02.slp (26.4 KB)

The issue was not in the XML Parser, it was in how you fed the document to it. Rather than use an XML Formatter, which placed the already formatted XML as an encoded string as a single “Data” element, I’ve updated to use a Mapper snap to rename the “xml” field as “content”, using document input and binary output so it can be fed directly to the XML Parser.

Updated pipeline attached.
XML parser test_2020_07_02.slp (26.5 KB)