Need to connect snaplogic dashboard to Splunk


As part of centralized auditing requirement, we need to sync the snaplogic dashboard’s pipeline execution logs with splunk,

can i get any suggestion how it can be done or even if it is supported?
was thinking of having the splunk forwarder installed on each of the individual node of snaplex and configure it as monitor from logs path and receiver settings on centralized receiver server.

Any other suggestion is appreciated.


Do take a look at our Partner Rojo’s prebuilt solution:

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@vaidyarm Can write a python script in splunk which will call snaplogic public log API which will provide all log details about the snaplogic job/log/activity etc.Can refer below link for documentation. One more thing to call snap api you should have a service account or some admin user who had all required access to retrieve details.

You can use the prebuilt solution for monitoring SnapLogic data in Splunk using Rojo Consultancy’s Splunk App for SnapLogic. The App comes with prebuilt dashboards that help you monitor the Snaplex heath and pipeline executions.
For more information refer to the link"

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Thanks !
its great that we already have the application prebuilt for it.

that’s true, but was thinking if we can push logs to any indexes created in splunk from snaplogic itself through its own design means, you suggestion will hep too.