Netsuite Account Setup

Hi all,
How to get the Consumer Key and Consumer Secret from NetSuite.
we need to setup the Netsutie Rest API Account in snaplogic.

Any one have idea,please help me on this.


Hi. Can you please help me understand exactly what you’re trying to accomplish? I’m not sure what you mean by the NetSuite Rest API Account. We have a NetSuite Credentials Account (now deprecated) a NetSuite Token Account. See the following documentation:, and click on “Know more about generating the Token ID…” under Token ID.

Hi Ptaylor,

We are trying to create a Rest API Account in snaplogic using OAuth1.0 settings.
We are able to get the Successful connection and response in Postman
And are not sure what should we enter for the required field value for
Request Token Endpoint
Access Token Endpoint
Authorize Endpoint…
Please find attached doc with screenshotSnaplogicCommunityReply26July.docx (152.0 KB)

Why are you trying to access NetSuite with our REST snaps? Why not use the NetSuite snaps?

Since our requirement is to consume custom Rest API which does not show up in NetSuite Snap.

I’ve never attempted to do that and am not sure whether it will work, but I would study this documentation from NetSuite if you haven’t yet:

Account Administration,
RESTlet Authentication,
Setting up Token-based Authentication for a RESTlet integration,
Using TBA for RESTlet Authentication (OAuth)

Hi ptaylor,

Thanks,I will also follow the document, If you get any Idea about this please update here.


Hi ptaylor,

Thanks,I will follow the document.