NetSuite Custom Field on Transactions for Invoices

we have added a custom field in our NetSuite instance called custbody_billing_platform which is associated to a list. I want to have snaplogic update the invoice header with the appropriate internalId of the list. on all other netsuite snaps for object updates the fields appear in the snaplogic snap under Cust Field. for some reason the custom field associated to the invoice (which I am learning the field is at the transaction level yet available within NetSuite on the Invoice) does not show in the dropdown like it does for other custom fields. this is consistent with the Invoice object in NetSuite b/c we have many custom fields yet they do not show. how do we update custom invoice fields via snaplogic in this case?


Can you clarify, is this custom field available in NetSuite’s UI?

You may need to use the SOAP Execute Snap to access it.

You can use a mapper as an upstream Snap so fields can be seen. Name of the custom field and its path need to be known.

This has been fixed. The current version NS snaps list the custom fields.

I’m still finding an issue with this for nested, transaction line column custom fields. I’ve found I’ve had to select the “Sales Order” object to make the lower level custom fields visible, select and save them, then switch the object back to an “Invoice” object.

Please test this in the UAT environment as we have fixed the custom fields issue. We now actually show the custom fields (exact names) and its sublists when mapper is used. This will be released as GA on February 10th.

Thanks pavan I’m trying to fit that into my schedule and will post confirmation here!