NetSuite Deposit payment lines were replacing while adding a new payment line

Hi All,

I need some help regarding Netsuite Deposit update. I am trying to add new payment lines to the deposit payment section.
I able to add the new lines, but the old payments which were already exists were getting replaced (moving to undeposited)

I am herewith attaching you the following screenshots.

  1. Existing NetSuite Deposit, which has one payment line
  2. Here are the input parameters i am passing to deposit payment section, i am selecting replaceAll=false

Please advise
CC: @ptaylor


Hi @ptaylor , Good morning. I want to check with you regarding the above request. Have you come across this kind of issue. Can you look into this and let me know.


Hi Ajay,

I think you would have to reference the payment ID with entity.internalId, not id, like this:

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@ptaylor , Thank you for the details. I passed the parameters like mentioned above. I am getting the following error and i think the error was due to insufficient provileges.

{@type=ERROR, platformCore:code=USER_ERROR, platformCore:message=Adding new line to sublist payment is not allowed.}}, baseRef={, @internalId=7940570, @type=deposit, @xsi:type=platformCore:RecordRef}}}}}

I will verify it and will you know. Thanks,Ajay

@ptaylor, i tried passing the details below. But still it is removing the old custpymt line and added the current payment line.

That’s a response, so I’m not clear on what you passed for the request.

But in any case, I don’t know how to do this in a way NetSuite will accept. At this point, it’s really a better question for NetSuite support, since the question is about how to use their SuiteTalk API. The snap is just making the call.

Thank you @ptaylor . I will check with NetSuite support and will let you know how it goes.

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@ptaylor, When we try to add new payment lines we have send the old lines and new lines also. This is what NetSuite replied me back.