Netsuite - dynamically passing the object name

I saw in Netsuite I can pass the object statically like below reference screenshot marked yellow, is there any way I can dynamically pass the object name like with ‘=’?


No, there isn’t. Remember that the object type determines the input schema: an Employee search has very different input parameters than an Item search, for example. So, varying the object type dynamically would also require dynamically changing what sort of input is delivered to this snap by the snaps upstream from it in the pipeline.

Can you tell me more about the reason for your question? What is the use case where you’d want this field to be dynamically determined? Would you want the expression to evaluate to a value that remains constant for all input documents throughout one execution of the snap, or would you want it to actually be evaluated for every input document?

I want to export entire data in object to json and want to pass the object name dynamically. If that make sense?

Yes. I’m now remembering your post from last week (Netsuite all objects). Sorry, our NetSuite snaps were not designed to export all data from NetSuite.