NetSuite Integration

Can you help us figuring out in configuring the Custom fields related to same object and different objects of Netsuite through snaplogic.

Is there a way for us to add the custom fields to the existing object from different objects or can we configure the custom fields to the object.

Additional support for custom fields in NetSuite will be available with this weekend’s release:,4.16ReleaseNotes-UpdatedSnapPacks

In the current release (4.15), custom fields are configured in the Custom Fields table of the NetSuite snaps. In the new release (4.16), custom fields appear in the snap’s input schema and can be mapped just like standard fields. Furthermore, 4.16 has more complete and correct support for custom fields across most NetSuite object types that can have custom fields.

Please share the specifics of what you’re trying to do: the Object type selected in your snap, which “different objects” you’re referring to, etc. It will be much easier to help with specifics.

Thanks for your quick response taylor. I am actually looking for some of the custom fields from the salesorder object like the cseg1 and cseg2 fields which are part of the salesOrder object but not part of the Invoice object. So, I am trying to get these two custom fields as part of the Invoice object. I want to know how could i do it.

Unfortunately, the 4.15 version doesn’t support custom fields on Invoice. However, the 4.16 version does. That version is scheduled to be released this weekend.

I have checked the UAT Version of Snaplogic i don’t see any changes added to it. It looks similar to the previous one.

Make sure that all Snaplexes in your UAT environment are updated to the 4.16 version. If they are not, you will not see the latest versions of the Snaps.

How to update it to the latest version ?

In Manager, locate your Snaplexes in your projects.
If the Snaplex is in the cloud, make sure the Version is the 4.16 one.


Thanks for the response. I do see the custom fields configured but i am not able to find the Mapping for the Invoice Number in the Customer Payment Object. Do you know what field would be the invoice Number for the Customer Payment Object.

So you are saying that the snap is configured with CustomerPayment as the Object type, and that you are looking for a custom field on that type which specifies an invoice number? Please verify that the Applies To section of that custom field’s definition shows CUSTOMER PAYMENT is checked, as shown in this screen shot:

The Object is a Customer Payment and the field i am looking inside the object is the invoice Number. What corresponding field would be the invoice number in the Customer Payment Object i know there is a payment Number which is the Unique auto generated Id by NetSuite. I am looking to know how this payment would be associated to particular invoice.

The custom fields are specific to your NetSuite account. Please review the custom field definitions in your NetSuite UI to find the one you’re looking for, or ask the person who defined the custom fields.

Its not part of the custom fields but the NetSuite third party told it belongs to the invoice sub object which is part of the Customer Payment root object. But i don’t see any sub object invoice.

I don’t either. Here’s the schema documentation for Customer Payment:

Please ask this third party to explain more exactly what they are talking about.

Looks like it’s done using the applyList field, which contains a collection of CustomerPaymentApply objects:

Here’s what this looks like when you retrieve an existing Customer Payment using NetSuite Get:

The Paid Amount Field was mapped to the Payment Object and when was trying to map it to the applied object it throws warning as All lines of sublist applyList have to be specified when replace All is requested

Adding new line to sublist apply is not allowed.

This is the exception i am getting when i am trying to map to the applyList

Did you mean to include the exception?

The Third party vendor replied saying

<platformCore:reference internalId=“1513” type=“invoice”/>

customer payment is the target transaction type (you’re creating a customer payment)

type is the source transaction type (you’re creating this from an invoice)

1513 is the internalId of the source transaction (the invoice you want to pay)

This would return a payment record, which you would then need to submit to save it to NetSuite. That is the part that I’m not sure if you can do with SnapLogic. Either way, it might be worth trying this to see the XML that it returns. This might tell us what we are missing in the payment add request.

Is it prossible to implement this in snaplogic ?