NetSuite Saved Search

If you have a Saved Search on NetSuite and you wonder how you have to query with NetSuite Search Snap then here is the solution for It.

A Saved Search is a defined set of filter that return the latest data meeting that criteria.

In SnapLogic we have a connector called NetSuite Search and has settings that will enable us to get the Saved Search Results.

  • Drag NetSuite Search Snap on to the canvas and enable the Advanced Settings Check box.

View of NetSuite Search Snap

  • To the Input View of the NetSuite Search snap configure a mapper using NetSuite Internal ID for the Saved Search

View of the Mapper

That’s a simple solution to get the latest Saved Search results in NetSuite.

this was helpful thank you. how does something similar work with Lists? I was able to get the saved search you provided work when i created one and specified the rows to show (subsidiary worked for me). however how can i describe a list of possible values and get the internal id? in my case I need to get the list of possible values for field called “terms” on the Invoices object. it seems I cannot create a saved search on terms in NS so how would i proceed?

Hello, Unfortunately, the NS Search Snap does not allow to search Lists within NS. The way we went around this, as it seems you do not have many term values, is to use a conditional snap.

You can get the value of the terms within the saved search and then have a condition that says if this value, then use this Name.


Has there been any change in the target schema of late. We have a similar requirement and not able to get the Columns, Criteria, saveSearchId and savedSearchScriptId under Target Schema.


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Hi Sombit,

I`m guessing “Advanced” and “Return Search Columns” are disabled in your case.
Please check the bellow screenshot of the NetSuite Search snap:

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NIkola Minovski

I am able to fetch the required information from the Snap.

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We have strange issue. Wherein the value that show on the NetSuite UI does not show on the response of the Snaplogic Saved Search. It only shows the id for that value.

For example : If on NetSuite its appears as ABCDEF and then in the Snaplogic saved search response it appears as numeric value 2.

Would like to know if there is any limitation in the NetSuite Saved Search snap

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Please be more specific about the nature of the value. What is the type? Is it a standard field? Which one? On which type of object? Or is it a custom field? What kind? etc.

“platformCore:customLabel”:“ASSOCIATED CONSOLE _LINE”

I want the actual value of the field Associated Console Line while I only get the internal id 48
I believe it is a custom field. We get this in the response on querying the Transaction object.

Unfortunately that’s what NetSuite’s SuiteTalk API gives you. To interpret the internalId, look at the definition of the corresponding custom list with ID 395 (the @typeId). You’ll see something like the following:


Make sure that the Netsuite Account used in the pipeline has view/read permission on all the fields and object that make up the Saved Search. Else you will not be able to view those fields inside the Snaplogic