Netsuite Update

Hi All,

We are trying to update the Netsuite SalesOrder Lines using the netsuite update Snap:

What is the NetSuite object to be considered inside NetSuite Snap, when updating the NetSuite Sales Order line
What is the unique identifier to update the NetSuite Sales Order Line, we are using Item Internal Id and Line Number
But is there any other unique identifier which can be used
Is there any such document or pipeline which showcases the successful update of a sales order line

Any one have idea about this please help on this.


Hi Kullay,

You can’t update a sublist item like a SalesOrderLine directly; the operation is done on the parent item – the SalesOrder in this case. Use the NetSuite Update snap with the object type set to Sales Order.

The section titled “Updating Sublists in Web Services” in the SuiteTalk Platform Guide ( discusses this. SalesOrder’s line item list is a “keyed sublist”.

To update a single line item you’ll need to set the replaceAll property to false, since it defaults to true.

Here’s an example of a Mapper configured to provide the input to the NetSuite Update snap, which will change line 1’s quantity to 3:

Note that the first line here sets $record.internalId to the internal ID of the SalesOrder.


Hi ptaylor,

Thanks for your reply, It’s working for me.