No root element found error in SAP IDoc Write


I am trying to write to SAP iDOC but getting “No ROOT attribute found in the input document.”
output is getting generated with XSLT and I just need to map output XML to SAP idoc write.
parent pipeline is running in cloud and SAP idoc write is running on groudplex.
Pipeline parameter is given as

Child pipeline:-

mapper source/target

How do I correctly map it. Appreciate any help!

Hi @Supratim , Any suggestions!

@Sahil I am not sure why you pass Root element, here root element refers root of your idoc. I guess it’s Control-Record. You can consider Idoc as a xml. When you generate XML, you should have one parent/root element, similar for idoc you should populate all mandatory fields of idoc (expand Control-Record not sure that is your root or not) and keep whole element under root.

Check all mandatory fields (denoted *) for idoc populate ,removing root from mapper and try.