Not able to call triggered task from HTML Page

Hello Experts
I’m trying to call triggered task URL from HTML page.
But not able to call triggered yask URL getting below error message when i tried to see execution from developer console.

Please can someone help me on above error.

Ajay Chawda

Do you have CORS whitelisting set up? See Allowing Access to Tasks via IP Address Whitelisting

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No i didn’t setup any CROS whitelisting.
Current setting under Ip WhiteList


See the section further down on the page: Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS)

If you initiate a trigger from a web page hosted outside the SnapLogic domain, the browser enforces Cross-Origin Request Sharing (CORS) access control to secure cross-domain data access. See Cross-Origin Resource Sharing for more information. Since the web page making the request is not hosted on the SnapLogic domain, the cross-origin request will fail. However, if you configure the list of domains that can make cross-origin requests to the trigger, then those domains will have access to it.

The procedure under Managing the CORS Whitelist explains how to set that up.

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