Not able to get input schema for attachment field in Email sender snap


I am using Email sender snap in my pipeline,
I am able to get the input view data from the input snap in Email sender snap without any problem for the fields like ‘to, from, subject etc…’

Howerver I am not able to get the input view data for Attachment field of the Email sender snap.

Has anyone had the same issue?


In another word, how I can dynamically put the attachment name in the ‘Attachment’ field of Email sender snap.

This seems to be a bug in Email sender snap as the doc says:
“It may also contain JavaScript expression to be substituted with the data from the input view.”

However it is not the case.

Please state how you are using this snap.

Is it after a file writer or a document writer?

If File Writer, you can use $filename as the variable in the attachment and it will be sent as an attachment if the file is being written to SnapLogic

Can you post your snap config?


My case is 2 snaps…a mapper, then a email sender

I want to get one of the variable values of the mapper as the attachment name in the email sender snap.


Even lets say you put a file writer in front of the email sender, you cannot get variables in email sender ‘Attachment’ field.
I have confirmed with support, only pipeline varibles(properties) can be selected in ‘Attachement’ field.

With file writer, whatever is available before the email snap will be available.

The other way of doing it is copy the content before doing any other operation and lead another branch to merge or inner join with the email snap.

I just had a talk with Support.

So its not a matter of not able to use a upstream variables in the ‘Attachment’ field, but a bug that expression dropdown list of the ‘Attachment’ field of Email sender do NOT show the upstream variables.