Okta Pagination

Hi all,

I had originally asked a question around paginating with Okta, specific to the users endpoint.
The solution provided to me by @del worked here.

I’m now trying to get the System Logs endpoint.
The header info with the “next” link now looks like this.

I have an array of link values, and in order to find the “next” url to go to, I worked out the following regex:
($.hasPath(“link[]") ? jsonPath($, "link[].value”)[1].toString().match(/\w+://.*?(?=>)/g) : false).toString()

However, this validates fine, but doesn’t seem to actually find and replace the next page of values.

Has anyone encountered two link references in the header for each self and next and how did they hand the “next” back to the Next URL?

I don’t have an Okta instance to test with, but try this:

jsonPath($, "$link[?(@.rel == '\"next\"')]").pop().value