Old snap versions still active even after redeploying snap pack


I’m deploying a new version of my snap pack and I’d like to know what changes need to be made to the pom.xml to guarantee that a new version of a snap is picked up by SnapLogic.

I’m playing around with the sl_build and VERSION numbers in the pom.xml. I’ve both seen new version of the snaps picked up and old snap versions execute if I just increment the sl_build number.

Can someone from the dev team confirm the guaranteed way of pushing an update to a Snap pack.

PS: I’m using mvn clean install to build my snap and deploying via the SnapLogic GUI

Not on dev team, but what I’ve always done is:

  1. Increment sl_build and then recompile
  2. Upload the new snap pack, replacing the existing one
  3. Refreshing the designer view, clicking on the custom snap, and seeing the version had changed

That hasn’t worked? Where are you uploading the snap pack? Do you have multiple instances of your snap pack in your org?

This is what has worked for me everytime

mvn clean install -DskipTests -DVERSION=1 -Dsl_build=00XXX

Where sl_build is increment with every new build and the resultant package (zip file ) is uploaded to projects/shared and not into any individual shared space, refresh designer or login/logout.