Oracle Account Validation - Network adapter could not establish connection

Good day community,

I’m getting the error below when trying to validate an Oracle account.

I can successfully connect to the database using SQL Developer and the same credentials.
I am also able to ping the Oracle instance from our Groundplex server, for which I’m validating the account on.

Any advice as to why this may happen?
I’d like to know if its something that can be remedied by me before I contact Network support on the matter.


Did you test connectivity using port 1521? The error message can be caused by one or more conditions
name/ip does not resolve
port is already in use at server
port is blocked by the OS the groundplex is running on
try using netstat to determine if this is the case

Probably not, but can also make sure you’re validating in SnapLogic from your groundplex and not from the cloudplex too. I mess that up sometimes and takes me a while to realize…

Thanks @rdill I’m having IT looking into if the port is open.

@christwr yup, using the groundplex…I too make that mistake sometimes.