Output report of all pipelines

Is there a way to export into a csv a report of all the read snaps of all pipelines in order to globally change the read path.

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This is an interesting question, I’m not sure about the solution but would love to hear from the experts.

May be, pass a parameter from all the read snaps and store them in a staging table and a final pipeline reading all those from that staging table + current pipeline’s read (as that would be reading the staging table itself)

Just speculating, haven’t given a thought though.

Yes, there is a way of generating that kind of report, but what I’m struggling to understand is how that relates with globaly changing the reading path? You’ll be reading the path, not writing one.

You can put the Metadata snaps to use. First look through the project space/project with the List snap, than read the details for every pipeline with the Read snap.

From there I believe it’s easy, filter the snaps you need, and under the properties for that particular snap, you will find the source path.

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@SnapWizard - you could start with a Snap Statistics report available in Manager and see how far that gets you with what you need. If there aren’t too many pipelines using the snaps that you are looking for, perhaps you can just make the changes manually.

Thank you! this worked. I will not be writing or changing the path through snaplogic its to identify the properties of the pipeline to find where we need to make changes manually.
Thanks again.

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