Parallel pipeline execution by increasing pool size

Hello Experts,
Can someone help me to clarify below doubts regarding pool size in pipeline execute snap?
If i increase pool size in pipeline execute snap from 1 to 5.
then 5 pipeline will get start executing in parallel or 5 thread will get created and after completion of 1st thread , 2nd thread will get started executing??

our pipeline consist MYSQL execute Snap.when we execute the pipeline first set started executing in MYSQL snap but simultaneously we don’t observe fetching of data from MYSQL execute snap in 2nd thread.

Hi Ajay,
It should be parallel execution. But make sure your infrastructure should have enough jcc nodes/ snaplex to support the no you put in pool size.

Thank you for response,
Can you help me how to check jcc nodes information from dashboard?

The path has been highlighted at the attachment. Make sure you should have a proper role to see this.