Parsing a string into 2 columns

Hi, I am trying to parse a list I am getting and putting it into 2 columns.

My value is $email is (,,

What I want to accomplish is parse out $email into two columns in mapper $primaryEmail and $secondaryEmail

I am able design the pipeline to get primary $email.split(’,’,1). that returns

By using the search function I am able to determine the index of the first , I was then going to slice it.

$’,’) returns 13

how to I encapsulate that in a slice?

Any suggestions ? Thanks in advance.

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The Split function has an optional limit argument. If you don’t include it, then it’ll split each value. So you should be able to do: $email.split(',')[0] for the value of the primary email and $email.split(',')[1] for the value of a secondary. You may need to handle the case where the email field doesn’t include a comma delimiter and other situations, but that’s the general approach I’d take.

Thanks for the suggestion tlkarish and that wasn’t exactly what I was looking for. Sorry for not being clear.

Using example $email is (,,

I would like to return the following

$primaryEmail -
$secondaryEmails -,

Thanks in advance.

You can use this expression given above to get the primary email:


And this expression to extract the secondary emails after the primary:
$email.substr($email.indexOf(',') + 1)

keep in mind if there is no secondary email/comma in the given $email string the primary and secondary emails will be the same email.

Ah, sorry, misunderstood the requirement.

In that case, you could do something like this:

$email.split(',')[0] → primary
$email.split(',').slice(1).join(',') → secondary

Here’s an example pipeline to play around with if it’s helpful.

split-example_2022_04_06.slp (4.9 KB)

Thanks for both of your help.