Parsing error data from error view

Dear community,

I am trying to insert data via API. When that data exists, the response will return status code 400 and I need to parse the error message to get the id of the record that exists on the API. This is a child pipeline and has also been set up to send errors to the error pipeline but I wanted to filter this type of error for further processing.

In the REST POST snap view, I have set when an error occurs Route Error Data to Error View.

When I validated the child pipeline it works fine but when I run the parent pipeline (and calls this child pipeline) it will execute the error pipeline instead of the output that I need.

Appreciate your thoughts on this.

Thank you!


If you want to process the error message, but also the message to be sent to error pipeline, one option is:

  1. The child pipeline to contains only REST Post Call, not linked with error pipeline, and no error view selected.
  2. Parent pipeline, linked with error pipeline → On Pipeline Execute Snap open Error View(where all child errors will be routed to). Then on that error view you can add Copy Snap where one output will process the error message(with the logic that you have now in child pipe on the error view), and second output will be linked with error pipeline(using Link Output to Error Pipeline option).

Spiro Taleski