Parsing exception

Hello All,

I am having XML as an input to my pipeline. I have to map the elements from the incoming request and form a new request. I am facing a casting exception stating “Failure: java.lang.String cannot be cast to java.util.Map, Reason: Snap failed unexpectedly and did not provide any reason”.

The catch is incoming XML is not able to recognize array.
Refer the screenshot.

If you are certain the incoming XML is an array that’s being treated as an object, then it sounds like a bug that should be submitted through Support.

I was somehow able to manage by using an extra mapper in my pipeline. I explicitly converted the object into Array.
I used:
$Object instanceof Array ? $Object : [$Object].

FYI, the sl.ensureArray() function will do the same as the code you posted, but is a little shorter and easier to remember.

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