Parsing XML to json from REST GET request

Hi Good day,

We developed a pipeline in extracting a value after getting the result from REST GET . But we manually tried extracting those values as we do not have a proper json for the output we get after hitting the same ( no javascript written ) and we earlier achieved this using complex snap operations . Suddenly now the XML to Json parser is not functioning .I would like to share my pipeline now . Please let me know whether there is an upgrade feature involved which caused this restriction.

SOT_Canada_Child_2020_07_29.slp (16.6 KB)

Please pass the 429099510 tracking number as the input to REST GET

Hi Harsha,

Have you tried using the BINARY response type in the REST Get snap:

The output that this produces is:

Let me know if you need anything different.

Regards, Jovan.

Hi Jovan,

Thanks for writing may I know whether is there any up gradation done because this snap was working fine 5 months before .