Pass a pipeline parameter to a SOQL

Is there a way to pass a pipeline parameter to a child pipeline which has a SOQL, and use that parameter in the SOQL?
I am trying to output a date field from a parent pipeline and pass it into the SOQL which is a part of the child pipeline?
Appreciate your help. Thanks!

Here is sample of how to pass parameter to Salesforce SOQL snap. Unsure about your specific use case but likely you might not need to introduce a sub-pipeline.

Hope this help.

SFDC_User_Role_2019_03_16.slp (6.6 KB)

Thanks for your quick reply! How do i import/view the pipeline attached in your reply?
A bit more information on my usecase:
On a higher level, I am trying to compare a datetime within Salesforce Account object and a sql server database.
I am trying to compare the LastModifiedDate in Salesforce to the last time the pipeline ran in order to get the updated records within the last time-block.
Since I want visibility over my pipeline, I have a created a SQL Server database and I write a timestamp in it every time my parent pipeline runs. I want to pass that timestamp from my parent pipeline to my child pipeline. The child pipeline has a SOQL snap using which I am trying to compare both timestamps and get specific records.

To view his pipeline, you would need to download it from here and import it into your environment, preferably in a test area.

Got the import option. The query still seems to give me an error. The SOQL query I am using is below:
“SELECT Id ,IsDeleted ,MasterRecordId ,Name ,Type ,RecordTypeId ,ParentId ,BillingStreet ,BillingCity ,BillingState ,BillingPostalCode ,BillingCountry FROM Account WHERE LastModifiedDate >” +$StartTime

and I am passing the StartTime as a string in the required format.
eg. 2019-03-15T19:15:13.067

It gives me a 400 error.

Reason: {‘statusCode’=‘400’, ‘message’=‘The request could not be understood, usually because the JSON or XML body contains an error.’, ‘response’=’[{“message”:“line 1:0 no viable alternative at character '”’",“errorCode”:“MALFORMED_QUERY”}]’},

It worked. I had new line characters in my SOQL which were giving me the error. I removed those and worked just fine! Thanks all for your help! I really appreciate it. :slight_smile: