Passing Parameter to OAuth2 Account

We are working on an integration here and we´re having problems while trying to pass parameters to an OAuth2 Account.

We read an account with Client ID, Client Secret, Auth Endpoint and Token Endpoint already set.
Then we map it, using metadata to add the Token, Refresh Token, AutoRefresh=true and Token Expiration.
Then we SL Create a new account with this settings.

When I check the account, its really being created and it holds all the data I passed through metadata mapping. But its not working, I just cant connect to Rest GET with this account and the auto-refresh wont work, although the expiration time passed. If i create the exact same account through UI, it works perfectly.

Am I doing anything wrong? We need the accounts to be created automatically when the user authorizes the OAuth2 at our app.

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Hi @rmedeiros ,

Can you try to set “approval_prompt” to force in SnapLogic and check the created account after that ?


Thanks a lot for your answer. I tried it and its connecting now… I`ll do more test to assure its auto-refreshing.
Thanks for the help!

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