Passing Timezone to Triggered Task

I know there is a way to pass timezone using schedule task but is there a way to pass timezone for a triggered task?

Hi @harshareddy,

I didn’t quite get what the concern is, can you please explain in detail?

Well we would like to reuse existing triggered task which is reusable task that would trigger various process. Would like to pass a timezone like " EST" , “MST” etc so we could reuse the task as it get triggered by variable dependencies.

If you have your pipeline setup with Pipeline Parameters, you can override the values in the triggered task URL by passing the values as part of the query string. For example, assume I have “timeZone” as my Pipeline Parameter to a triggered task, it would look something like the following:

For more information on sending parameter values to your triggered task, refer to the online documentation on Passing Pipeline Arguments to Triggered Tasks.

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