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I have requirement

  1. I read a database table and get a max date from the table and pass it on. E.g my max date is 2018-07-02
  2. now i need to process a file for each day bet ween max date from previous snap and today.
    E.g(max date is : 2018-07-02 and today date is 2018-07-10) so i need to process a snap for each date of 2018-07-02 ,2018-07-03,2018-07-04,2018-07-05…till 2018-07-10

i have a solution which is not very effective , I can create CSV file which contains all dates and use it to pass the date as parameter to downstream snaps.

Looking for suggestions.

@sp41832 Can you please be more specific why you need to execute each day wise, rather filter data based on max date?


The reason i cannot do as suggested by you is, i need to prepare a table based where i track the performance of a product or a campaign based on each day.

Hi , rather write on CSV file you can pass those value to down stream snap. If you are facing issue to evaluate till date, you can refer my pipeline to calculate the day difference then pass it to downstream snap.

If you want you can share your pipeline and use case which you are looking for. Day_Difference_Forum_2018_07_05.slp (8.5 KB)

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Thank you, i have implemented a java script more or less similar to your script and call the down stream snaps for each day.
Thank you