Pipeline Execute and Oracle Stored Procedure


I have a pipeline that has a Pipeline Execute snap(PESnap), which calls in a simple pipeline to load an excel to an Oracle table, and an Oracle Stored Procedure snap, which calls a Stored Procedure to update a table T1 and a few other snaps. These two are laid right one after another, PESnap and immediately Oracle Stored Procedure in the pipeline.

The issue here is the pipeline stops after executing the PESnap and doesn’t go to Oracle Stored Procedure snap and hence the data in T1 isn’t getting updated. If I have either one of them, either the Pipeline Execute Snap or Oracle Stored Procedure snap, the data is getting loaded/updated correctly. Its only when I have both of them in one pipeline, I am unable to get the desired results.

I am wondering if anyone of you has run into a similar scenario. Would you please share any inputs?

Thank you!

Can you post your Pipeline diagram or screenshot of both parent and child?