Pipeline Execute Duplicating Some Documents and Missing Others

I opened a ticket with support, but was curious if anyone else has seen this behavior…

I have a pipeline with multiple documents coming out of a Mapper snap to a Pipeline Execute snap, each with different document names.


For troubleshooting this issue, the Pipeline Execute is configured to include that $SfDocName as the execution label:

When the pipeline executes though, it kicked off multiple child pipelines for the “TEST PDF.pdf” document, no child pipelines for the “Test Excel.xlsx” document, and all of those children pipelines are listed with “invalid date” error in the dashboard…

I’ve run this multiple times, and it seems pretty random which documents it processes more than once and which ones it doesn’t process at all…

Seems very bizarre…

Hi Christwr,

Issue is happening after have upgraded application to 4.17.

We have similar kind of integration which will convert IDOCS to xml and process for downstream through snaplogic application some of ter transactions not showing time stamp of the execution.


Yes even we are also faced the same issue for existing child pipelines, Also reported to SnapLogic support with other few issues too after 4.17 release.

SnapLogic team responded us they are going to provide patching for this. probably in a couple of days. Hope it will resolve it soon.