Pipeline Execute - Prepare on Neighbor Failed

Anyone have an idea what the culpret might be with this “prepare on neighbor” error with the Pipeline Execute snap, excuting a child pipeline on my groundplex?

I get these sometimes, seemingly randomly… Most annoying part is that even though I have an error view on the Pipeline Execute snap, this error will still kill the whole pipeline, instead of just sending that particular document/error down the error path.

Open a case with support.

We’re seeing this same error after we applied R4.20 Patch 2. I’ve opened a ticket. We had also seen this error when we upgraded to R4.20 and the issue was resolved when we applied Patch 1. We experience the error when the JCC is up for a period of time. We also see this error when executing triggered tasks using the secured on-premises URL. @christwr What was the resolution to your support case?

Hi @PSAmmirata - I never opened a support case about it, just this query to the community. It doesn’t happen very frequently, and not sure I’ve even noticed one recently (also on 4.20 patch 2). I didn’t mind the error as much as how it completely fails the whole parent pipeline (snap failed unexpectedly) even though there is an error path on the PipelineExe snap that had the error.

Thanks @christwr