Pipeline Execution Duration

Hello All,

Is there a way to get notified if a pipeline is running more than anticipated time?


Hello @skodali

There isn’t a way to know execution time of the pipeline in real time, while pipeline still running. Because of that we can’t calculate exceeding the anticipated time, so we can send notification. But there is an option to stop pipeline execution if it exceeded the anticipated time.That is timeout option when you create task.
BR Dimche Saveski

Interested to hear from you, how do you define what is the anticipated run time?
Would you want alerting to notify you of more runtime than usual (absolute numbers, percentages, within a std deviation based on historical data), more documents than usual, less documents than usual, (define usual, should that take into account Day Of Week, Day of Month, Public Holidays (different in every region let alone country)
Do let us know your thoughts.

By executing a SQL Query every day we update the same number of records, which takes approximately the same time. But some times the query execution takes a lot of time when this happens we are looking to get an alert.