Pipeline Migration - Can you migrate a single pipeline

Good day Snaplogic Community

Is it possible to only migrate a single pipeline in a project or must u always migrate the entire project with all the pipelines?

Thank you and looking forward to your response!

Can you be more specific? Do you mean between two projects within the same org or between two orgs? Is this within the UI or to be done via API?

Hi dmiller … thank you for the response and for not being clear … im trying to migrate between two orgs using the UI … is this possible?

Thanks again

You can:

  • Download the pipeline from one org, then upload it into the other org.
  • Create a SnapLogic Read + SnapLogic Create pipeline to read the existing pipeline and recreate it in the other org.

okay thanks a lot for your help!

Maybe I misunderstood the exchange, but I think the following is what you want.

Migrating a project is involved, and something an admin might want to do, so they put it in the manage section. I believe that is the ONLY place you can migrate a project.

HOWEVER, if you go to the designer, and look at the far right of that bar with all of the icons, you will see EXPORT PIPELINE:

If you look at the far left, you will see IMPORT PIPELINE:

I think that is just what you wanted.

hi … stephen … thanks so much yes i tried this and it worked. Much appreciate to you both!