Pipeline Scheduling task

Hi, One odd thing I have found when I schedule my task

Say it is 2:00pm EST and I want to schedule a weekly task, starting from today @4:00pm EST and repeat every Monday 4:00pm EST.

If I create such task, it will not start until next Monday 4:00pm EST, which my thought is that it should start today @4:00pm EST first and repeat it every Monday.

Anything I missed here?


It works for me.

Steps I followed:

  1. created 4PM weekly task at 3 PM today.
  2. Go to scheduled tasks in manager.
  3. can see task scheduled for today 4 PM.

ummm, i may raise a support ticket then.

The behavior is correct and consistent with any scheduling system.

If you say weekly Fri 4 PM EST (today being Thursday), it will only do the first run on that Friday 4 PM and repeat with whatever you configure (weekly, daily or monthly).

You cannot expect to run this today 4 PM and also on Fri 4 PM.

I have never seen that any system’s scheduling.

You will do a one time schedule and then a recurring job every Monday in your case.

Some schedulers do offer run the first time on but its not available here!