Pipeline Versioning


We have never used the Pipeline Versioning that is available in Snaplogic and are considering trying it. Currently if we need to make changes, we export our pipeline from our prod organization, import it into dev, update the naming convention with a new version (ex: v1_2), make our changes, export from dev and import to PROD and set everything back up to use the new pipeline. We tend to keep at least one version of the old pipeline in case we need to revert, so things are starting to get a little messy. We have some reservations about using the pipeline versioning tool, though, and would love to hear how it works for others. Our main concern is the visibility of changes using versioning instead of creating a whole new pipeline. Has anyone had any issues related to this? Are there any best practices we should follow when adopting pipeline versioning?

Thank you for the feedback!

We use it and only have 1 pipeline within an env by using this versioning. You can always pull up any historical version of the pipeline if you like to compare to the changes with the current. There is a compare feature in case you are not aware.

We uses JIRA to track production changes and attached the pipeline so there is a system of record. You can even use Github to manage these source control if you wish.

Thank you for the feedback!

Just be aware that if you delete the pipeline then the versioning system will not help you. As of February 2018 4.12 release you can recover deleted assets from the recycle bin within 30 days, but after that time it’s gone forever. You can’t revert back to an earlier version of something that no longer exists!

There is an interesting feature by which you can recover a deleted pipeline. If a pipeline has been deleted or changed, but there was an execution, when you click on the pipeline name in Dashboard (the Dashboard will show executions up to 60 days) then when you see the pipeline in Designer, it shows the pipeline which was actually executed, as it doesn’t exist any more, you can’t edit it, or save it. However you can export it!
Once exported, you can import it back in.
This gives you an extra 30 days after the pipeline is purged from the recycle bin.


That’s really interesting and helpful to know, thanks very much for sharing.