PLEASE Add a "LASSO" Select feature!

At least one other person asked for this, but maybe he asked for it wrong, Ctrl click has a LOT of problems that increase as the number of objects increase. It is great for a few objects, maybe even 10, but it gets to be a real bad idea. It is also HARD on the hands. This was realized in drawing programs decades ago, so they have what I would call a lasso select feature. You go to one end of the group of objects, hold down the left mouse key, drag the mouse cursor to the other end of the group, let go, and every object in the lassoed area is selected. ONE quick click, and one arm movement. DONE!

It would be REAL nice if you guys did this, or something similar.

I believe you can press SHIFT and do a click-drag to select multiple snaps in a pipeline (see the
Keyboard Commands documentation).

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THANKS, you just saved me a LOT of hassles!!! I was HOPING there was a way of doing it!

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